Our sanctuary (worship area)

Our sanctuary (worship area)

I Am New! What to Expect?

When you come to our church for the very first time, it can be quite an anxious and a confusing time. We will do our best to make sure that your first experience is a positive one.

First PARKING. You can either park in the area in front of our church building or you can drive pass the gate and park in the parking area next and behind our building. If you still can’t find a parking spot there, you can park in the nearby park (corner Breaden Drive and Goongarrie Drive). If you choose the later option, you will have to take the extra walk to go back to the church. It’s not far and, hey, what’s healthier than a nice walk in the morning?!

As you ENTER our church building, you’ll meet one of our Stewards who will hand you over our weekly Update (newsletter) and the day’s Order of Service. After you have the Update and the Order of Service, you can choose either to stand and mingle with other people in the Atrium (foyer) or you can go and sit in the Sanctuary (worship area). Whichever you choose, introduce yourself to the people around and hopefully you’ll have a nice conversation! We’re always interested in new people! Otherwise, you can sit quietly and enjoy the music.

If you have CHILDREN, you can go to the Hall where our KUCA (Sunday school) session is held. You will meet the Teacher of the day. Please introduce yourself to her/him (most likely her) and she/he will be ready to help you with all your questions. If you feel kind, you can ask how she/he is doing because teaching can be quite a nerve-racking time!

During our WORSHIP, the children will stay with their parents in the Sanctuary in the first half of the worship time. After we pass the sign of the Peace to one another, all the children will then go to the Hall to have their sessions.

We do all kinds of things during our worship: singing (sometimes we sing song that involves dancing!), praying, and listening to sermons (we call it Reflection here). The Reflection (or sermon) usually takes around 15-20 minutes. The entire service goes around one hour. All parts of the worship are shown on the screens. But, if you want to, you can still follow the worship by using the printed Order of Service.

AFTER the service, the Minister and the Elder will greet you by shaking your hand (unless they have a cold and don’t want to pass the bugs to you). It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself to them as a newcomer if you would like to.

After smiling and shaking hands, you can meet more people during MORNING TEA in the hall or you can go straight back to your comfortable car. Whichever you choose, we certainly are happy to have you with us and we hope it’s been a joyful experience!